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We Are Your Well-Wishers And Your Care-Takers…

Lead Traffic Source maybe a digital marketing agency, but it is our ability to connect with people – our customers – that makes us who we are today!

Devoted to Building a Better Future

The idea of Lead Traffic Source came into being from our creative genius’ empathetic, philanthropic and helpful heart. Our mission was to enable small scale, struggling or fresh start-up businesses to manifest into their best version by giving them room to focus on their product or service, while we handled the technical stuff.

We understand that being tech-savvy and staying up-to-date with the rapidly changing marketing world is impossible for a full-fledged business, dedicated to a product. This is why, we wanted to take it upon ourselves to provide a unique, all-inclusive service to home improvement businesses and contractors like you to increase your lead generation, traffic and revenues.

Not Your Everyday Joe Kinda’ Agency

Most of the digital marketing agencies in the local market make massive claims of instant bulk traffic generation and fourfold revenue overturn. If you’re looking for the kind of online marketing agency that instantly and non-organically boosts your leads, then we’re not the place for you.

We work with customers who believe in a healthy, steady and holistically growing kind of an environment. We believe that instant but short-term growth can easily be superseded by slow, but organic and long-lasting growth – and that is better for our customers’ business as well.

Our Value System

At Lead Traffic Source, we follow a strict value system in our company and expect the same from our clients. These values include:

Dedication to Growth

You are dedicated to your business’ and its employees’ growth. You must be willing to adapt to changes in business practice and methods of approaches to optimize your efficiency and revenues.


Sincerely devoted to staying physically, mentally, emotionally and soulfully healthy, while also preferring to work in a healthy atmosphere.

Dedication to Growth

You never inhibit your growth by keeping a narrowed mind set. Instead, you choose any opportunity that enables you to expand beyond your limits and grow.

Belief in Reconciliation

Believe in reconciling and learning from your mistakes instead of denying where you went wrong. This is the only way for us to grow closer and stronger with you.


Have the integrity to refuse to settle down for less than what you deserve, and to compromise your ethical practices for financial advantage.

Our Goals at Lead Traffic Source

At Lead Traffic Source, we only value – and hence deliver – the kind of leads that are 100% organic and foster a holistic growth for our customers. Our goal is to revolutionize the lead generation practices in the world in such a way that companies and business only buy leads that are customized and tailored for their business.

We aim to increase the revenues of growth-hungry, local, home improvement businesses and contractors by providing them with top notch, highly qualitative and qualified, result-guaranteed lead generation.

Our mantra is to grow with, through and by you… and that is why, we believe in equipping you with the wings to fly mighty and high in the world of success!

However, it takes more than faith and determination to create an authentic lead for your business. As a result, we employ several methods of lead generation collectively, in order to generate a high number of organic leads. These methods include:

  • Websites
  • Social Media Accounts Creation, Handling and Management
  • Paid Advertisements and Campaign
  • E-mail Marketing and Automation
  • CRM Systems
  • Customer Service Representation

Initially, we charge a meager, one-time signup fee to cover the groundwork. As the results become prominent, we move to pricing according to per qualified lead. We use a complete marketing strategy for this type of a lead generation.

We prefer keeping a small but enriching and valuable clientele that is as eager to grow as we are. We just don’t work in a money-only-driven kind of an environment. We believe in satisfying our creative-cravings through our customers, which is why, we offer value addition!

Are you ready to grow? Then reach out to us and let us help you achieve your dreams!

Meet The CEO | Founder

If you got questions that needs fast reply, you can contact the CEO​

Thuto Lebakanyane born and bred in Botswana, Africa, a beautiful country rich with diamonds, wildlife, and culture.

Before founding Leads Traffic Source, he had a successful mini venture building mobile apps and distributing them on the App-store and Google Play store between the years 2014-2015. Some of his apps were successful and grossed high downloads. It was this 1 year of success that proved to him that he can indeed make online business models work. Three years later, Thuto joined a large US business influencer network where he gained the knowledge and expertise to form a lead-generation company.

Besides his professional ambitions, he has his eyes set on traveling around the world and starting electronic music production. Before he became a full time corporate he was involved in his local Deep House DJ & music production scene, He’d regularly DJ on a weekend show.

Thuto Luigi Lead Generation Expert for Local Companies in Austin Texas | Lead Traffic Source