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Are you still here? Perfect. We really need you, and we know that you do too! What’s good for the goose will definitely be good for the gander, we believe.

To us, you are a very important lead, and we wouldn’t want to miss out on talking to you and taking this relationship beyond.

respect our leads, and we want to show you that to succeed in your business, you have to too. Sure, the customer is always right, but we’ll tell you a way to listen to your leads and still be able to do what you believe is perfect for their team!

Today, we would like to tell you about who we are and what exactly we do to generate leads for your website.

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Why Do you Need our Lead Generation Services?

Basically, your good looks alone aren’t doing anything to attract those clients to your doorstep. This is where we come in. We primp and powder your (website’s) good looks with our cost-effective and highly performing lead generation services that will help your traffic to stay longer at your doorstep.

Not only that, we assure this traffic will haunt your doorstep until we help you convert them into leads and prospective sales as well. Lead Traffic Source gets you the right ads so that you can target the right community and generate leads that are not only interested in your brand’s products or services but are also right for its promotion and growth.

We identify High Quality Leads

Not all traffic is worth spending your two cents on. We help identify your market by keeping your niche and industry in speculation. We lay high and low on various social media marketing platforms to analyze where your leads hangout.

We market your ad campaigns on the social media channels that are heavily populated with your leads. We bring those leads to your website’s corner so that your AI can have a friendly chat with them and help them find what they’re looking for.

We Churn High Investive ROI

We undergo obsessive A/B and split-testing to conclude a massive Return-on-Investment (ROI). For us, lead generation along with conversions is as important as your brand’s revenue in numbers. We draft campaign hypotheses and undergo testing sessions until our unorthodox methods help us quantify our results.

Lead Traffic Source - generate high quality leads in Austin Texas

We Design and Customize Landing Pages

No client of ours gets to rely on a free website template. It’s the era of personalization, and we cannot let go of clients who demand personalized favors before getting their hands dirty. To help your traffic notice the dynamics of your website, we simply add a bit of colors to its design by upgrading it up a notch.

We design your website ourselves and customize its landing pages for your leads to stick around for as long as they wish to. Our killer design will help your leads engage with bright colors, impressive copy, and of course, fast page loading speed before they divert their attention to your competitors.

We Have Room for Trial and Error

We might boast about our services, but we are also learning in the process. We have immense room for trial and error because we believe digital marketing is all about showing yourself what you know from what you don’t. We have a group of dedicated members who solely handle the content for forms and surveys so that we can break down and inquire where we went wrong.

If one of our ads go bust despite our calculations and conversion optimization strategies, we know what to do next and how to make up for the loss, if any. Our trial and error strategies seek opinions and suggestions from your leads and competitors alike, but in a way that’s not only smart but highly intuitive.

We Use Conversion-Tracking Tools

Our ad campaigns are incomplete without the help of software and tools that help us optimize our content for your users and keep track of it. Our conversion tracking tools help us report the changes by analyzing the reaction we receive.

Our analysis of conversion optimization helps us to further improve our marketing strategies or promote our content in areas where we missed previously. Moreover, our conversion-tracking tools help us to create forms and surveys to understand how effective our ad campaigns were and whether or not we should tweak them a bit.

We Create Copy that Converts

Lead Traffic Source aims to elevate the spirits of your dull copy to one that’s not only inspiring but leaves your lead convinced of your claims. Once your leads land on your website, they’re surrounded by content that they expect to be as good as their expectations.

We, at Lead Traffic Source, intend to create highly engaging and compelling content that leaves your audience raving for more.

We Analyze your Competition

We have a dedicated team that solely keeps track of your competition and how they’re doing it! We take inspiration from your competition by analyzing their ad campaigns and formulating ours that are unique but minus the errors they had. We also send surveys to their leads to understand what they like about your competitor brands so that we can comprehend and create room for customers.

We Track Your Visitors and Calls

We have optimized tools to keep an eye on your traffic! We’d be lying if we said we didn’t know what your consumers want from you. By tracking the demographics of your calls and visitors, we can establish buyer personas to create highly focused and targeted ad campaigns for providing your leads with what they’re looking for.

We Rule your Social Media

Our buyer personas tell us where your leads hang out the most. Consider you’re a plumbing company which has maximum leads crowding LinkedIn. We will design ad campaigns that are not only optimized with ad-words, keywords, and pay-per-click content so that your leads can land on your web pages without any hesitation.

We Grant Complete Autonomy

Whatever we design for you – the landing web pages, the highly-draining keyword searches and the bottomless surveys – are all owned by you. We grant you complete autonomy over the accounts that we create for your social media in the process of promoting and marketing your brand.

Breaking down the Lead Generation Process

Our creativity is what helps us pay our bills, and yours, if we are not completely wrong. It’s time to brace yourselves for learning about how we do what we claim we do.

Our lead generation strategies comprise of an actual series of steps where one cannot simply survive without the other. Let’s break down our lead generation process to explain what we really mean.

Development of Scale-Worthy and Highly Effective Content

Copy that Turns Heads and Pulls your Leads towards your Call-to-Actions

Making Search Engines our Power Fuel​

Where do you think your leads come from? The Search Engines, of course! Search Engines, namely Google, act as the powerhouse of the entire internet, and we benefit your company by taking some of the fuel for our own!

Since more and more people are searching their queries on Google, we use premium keyword searching tools that help us dig up optimized keywords and phrases that are highly relevant to your landing pages.

These keywords are the phrases that your leads use when searching for your services. By using these search friendly phrases in your content, we are not only inviting your leads to your web pages but also hinting that you’re available and ready for business!

Premium Content Development

Since we have a whole series of keywords to choose from, why do you think we should stop at creating the finest landing copy a company with your services has seen?

Also, not everyone has the guts or the energy to take their business with your sales operation team or speak with your customer service. For people who want to know more about your brand before actually talking to you about their queries, we have the perfect solution!

Such people want to see guides in the form of blogs or e-books before they are confident of making their decision! For helping these leads (and you in return), we give your website the whole works by completely revamping your content with our conversion optimized keywords and phrases!

Blogs and SEO Articles

We head your ‘Blog Section’ and fill it with effective SEO techniques, ‘Tutorials, Guides, and How-to’ Listicles to aid in the search queries of your leads. Once your leads find themselves on your landing web page, we prompt them with links to your blogs so that they can read the content that’s useful and helpful for making a choice.

Guest Posts

We have another perk of working with us! Not only will we create highly optimized content for your website, but will also draft immaculate guest posts for enticing clients through other domains!

We’ll write guest posts for the mavens in the industry so that your content gets featured and eventually, pulls in leads from all corners of the internet.

Landing Web Copy

From drafting passive-aggressive landing copy to formal and informative whitepapers, our content development and content marketing team devise strategies to create content that garners a click to your call-to-action!


We also develop E-books and publish them on external resources in addition to your landing web pages. We market these E-books as highly exclusive content so that your leads can buy them or avail a discount if they plan on doing business with you!

Development of Visible Call-to-Actions

Our CTAs tell your leads where the magic is – it’s in trusting and investing in your brand

With keyword-optimized content available readily across your website (not to mention, the internet), all we need to do is embed scale-worthy call-to-actions to pull in those glances!

We nurture your website with our dependable call-to-actions so that people know you’re offering your services in addition to content that appears helpful and useful on large.

Smart and Personalized CTAs

Our call-to-actions are not only smart, but personalized for each buyer’s journey. We know that smart CTAs bring about 42% of leads to prospective brands. So, we thought of introducing our highly exclusive and buyer-tempting smart CTAs to bring in more leverage to your brand.

Gone are the days when basic CTAs were repeated across the entire website. Today marks the era of personalization and customization. The customer wants to be reminded of their importance at every step of their journey, and we intend on doing just that.

We embed CTAs in our carefully produced video ad campaigns so that your leads know where to click. Our ads include CTAs that bring the attention of your leads to matters that mean the most to them.

Your leads will find smart CTAs spread across your blogs, website content, and guest posts – only to conclude that your brand is not only persuasive but highly persistent about their services. We create catchy buttons that display your CTAs vibrantly within the content.

We know how to deliver seamless CTAs. We don’t make loose promises nor do we work with brands that only claim to hear their leads but don’t care to listen or comprehend their customers’ messages.

We listen to our clients at every part of the journey, and this is exactly what we intend on focusing your brand’s worth on. We want to prove your brand’s progression and growth to your clients. And we want to make sure your leads are heard, just the way you are for us.

Effectively Personalized Landing Pages

Your landing pages comprise the real deal – in more ways than one – of your entire website. Our sales marketing and content development teams work alongside to create efficient, effective, and inclusive landing pages that are also exclusive and informative for your leads.

Our process is quite simple. We understand that your leads only dared to redirect themselves to your landing pages because they’re interested in the marketed offer. This makes your landing page as the one and only gateway to a successful buyer’s journey.

We ensure to introduce optimized and head-turning content on your landing pages which can be used as a leverage for motivating a lead towards completing their buyer’s journey.

At times, we market the final product by showcasing a free trial or offer as a leverage for making up your lead’s mind. It is a win-win situation for both the parties involved. Your lead gets a freebie, and you get a client with loyalty to return.

Nevertheless, our landing pages comprise of the following pattern:

  • We showcase your product or service with images and content comprising of bold graphics that lure your lead to your offer.
  • We display your offer in the middle of the landing page with compelling CTA buttons that are sure to convince your lead towards the next step!
  • The next step comprises of a form that helps your lead close the deal.
  • Since we design your website with prominent chat options, your lead can converse with a sales professional before booking their slot or finalizing the deal.
  • Your lead can fill the form with readily available options for helping them out during the process.
  • Congratulations! You just grabbed yourself a client!

‘Thank You’ Web Campaigns

With fewer people expressing their gratitude today, we take the opportunity to display ours with affection for building trust

Once your lead has sealed the deal with your brand, we don’t forget them as if they were yesterday news! We design a specialized ‘Thank You’ web page that your clients are redirected to once they commit to your offer. We want to make sure your clients are appreciated during every step of their buyer’s journey.

Since we have now secured their e-mail address, we send them a personalized ‘Thank You’ message full of our gratitude and endless product recommendations. Once we’ve acquired their subscription to your mailing list, we make sure to shower them with recurrent offers and specialized deals in return for doing business with your brand.

Promotion of Content on Social Media

Social Media Consulting is one of the main services we offer for lead generation for your brand. Once we’ve powered through Google’s algorithm for bringing in leads through its search engine, we spread our armed forces on social media channels for hunting the remaining down.

Each brand has a visible community of its own. For instance, if you deal in art direction, photography or filmography, there is a possibility that most of your leads hang out on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Similarly, if you’re a home renovation company or an eCommerce or retail company, then most of your leads will probably be found on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook as well.

After studying your leads and crafting your brand’s buyer personas, we take the next step with sheer attention and focus. Our next step is to cover those social media platforms which are heavily populated with your leads.

We make use of social media tracking tools that notifies us when your leads are online and active. We run our ad campaigns selectively and during the times when we are sure to acquire a response.

Effective E-mail Campaigns

Once we’ve secured leads for your brand, we are not letting them go! Retaining a customer is perhaps the most difficult job there is, and we are ready to take this challenge on our shoulders. We make sure to use the contact details of your leads to our privilege.


This allows us to keep track of their interests for creating personalized ad campaigns so that we can send them as reminders in their personal email inbox! We personalize our ad campaigns with content that each of your leads is interested in.

For instance, if your lead has abandoned their cart or left a web page without taking any further action, we ensure to remind them with personalized emails. Each personalized email a glimpse of the abandoned cart or page, reminding your lead to take action if they simply forgot to take one.

If your lead, however, doesn’t take an action within a few days, we send them with an updated catalog with their favorite items so that they can choose other products and still complete their buyer’s journey.

Product Recommendations and Updated Web Page Listing

Apart from sending them reminders, we send them personalized email campaigns consisting of feedback and surveys, product recommendations, newsletters, and catalogs with updated web page listing of products.

We make sure your leads remember your brand during their sales journey through our highly effective and conversion optimized email campaigns.